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Friday, December 17, 2010

Company Kiddie Christmas Party

Our company held a Kiddie Christmas Party last Wednesday, December 15. They brought kids from DSWD and also the associate's kids to the office for a shared Christmas Party. But aside from it, we still have to work on that day for the party started 2PM.

 I brought Wacky with me in the morning but we failed to come in early, we made it around 11AM. As we arrived, we just timed in, opened my desktop computer and go to McDonald's to ate lunch and of course we have to buy Happy Meal to get some HotWheels toys they offer. We ordered Burger and Chicken meal ate them there and went back to office, open the laptop and let Wacky play some Gamehouse games while I work. We also took some early photos from the setup booths within the office area because later on there will be lots of kids who will also take photos in those booths.

Here  are some early photos from the event.

 Wacky took this one =)

The actual program starts around 2PM with performance from clowns and magician. Wacky didn't like this part, he never likes clowns, even mascots (he likes to eat in Jolibee but he doesn't like Jolibee as a mascot). So we skipped that part and later on watched the magic show, somehow I manage to calmed him down to watched it. After that it's eating time with food from Jolibee meal (1 pc chicken, a jolly hotdog and spaghetti), some Zesto juice drinks and Nestle ice cream.

After some eating intermission, it's time for the parade where in the kids will line up and go around the office where bosses and people of each company team give away candies, chocolates, toys and gifts to kids in the parade. I guess this is the most exciting part for all the participating kids because they got to overload the bag (provided during registration) with lots of stuffs. And at the end of it all, there was still the exchange gift worth 300 pesos, prior to this day we drew our kids monito-monitas and I picked an 11 month baby girl and gave a brainy baby book while Wacky received a Disney-Pixar's Car character which is Sarge.

After the program, which ended around 6PM, I go back to work to fill up 2 more hours while Wacky watched Backyardigans series I brought from our laptop. Overall things ended up so well and Wacky ended very sleepy (Sleeping from the shuttle van going to Edsa-Ayala, bus going to Pacita, jeepney going to the our subdivision's tricycle terminal, tricycle going to our house.) Whoo! I was so tired as well when we got home.

Looking forward for next year's kiddie Christmas party again and perhaps I can bring Cheska with us next time, that is if I'm still with the company, hahaha.