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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cable TV

We've been contented watching regular TV channel for almost a year now in our subdivision. We only watch from 2 channels, GMA7 and TV5, which have clearest signal from our house. As for wacky, he only got to watch cartoons through TV5 which offers cartoons from Nick Jr and Cartoon Network.

An authorized cable provider,RoyalCable, has been rounding out the subdivision for 2 weeks. We've been thinking of getting one, especially with their promo of 990 pesos per month for cable and unlimited 384kbps internet. 2 of our neighbors, almost infront of our house, get cable installed so that was the time the we thought of having one, since they are already infront of us and offer to install the cable immediately. We've been wanting to have both the cable and unlimited internet but I'm having doubt on the speed of their internet, so we decided to get the cable only instead.

Wacky enjoyed watching from it, especially having Cartoon Network, but too bad no Nick Jr, but it still a good choice to have cabled TV. Wacky watched all afternoon with his favorite cartoon series "Ben 10". So we don't have to watch "Ben 10" through TV5 with the same episodes played over and over again. I also would want to watch "Batman: The Brave and The Bold" in Cartoon Network. Hehehe, kiddie wanna be. It will be too hard to watch something from cabled TV against kids, so better join them than turned against what they like to watch. We can only got to watch what we want when they're sleeping. Hehe. Hopefully this choice will not make my pocket suffer, hahaha, for it cost 425 pesos a month.

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