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Monday, December 20, 2010


Sleeping kiddies
I know I'm supposed to post something from yesterday, it's our house first year anniversary. It's the day we first moved in our house and I'm supposed to walk Wacky and Cheska around the subdivision or go to playground in the afternoon. Everything did not happened for it's been raining almost the whole day. Cheska is still sufferring from her cough and common colds (poor baby, but even sick she's still energetic, just can't take her out of the house that easy). We just stayed at home, watched cartoons almost the whole day and sometime was able to snick out to other channel (I was somewhat amuse by watching Wipeout from AXN channel, Wacky enjoyed as well so I got the liberty to watched the whole hour of it), play computer games with Wacky and get some sleep.

Anyways, got nothing more to share right now. I'll just share some photos from Wacky and Cheska some weeks ago. Enjoy...

Wacky in Cheska's stroller
Wacky in Cheska's stroller 2


Wacky the "monkey"

Cheska with Wacky's Macy rat doll

Cheska sitting in Wacky's McQueen chair

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