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Friday, December 10, 2010

The "Mommy"

Yeah, that's her, Wacky and Cheska's mom.
She takes care of evertyhing while I'm away working in the far city. She manages everything from household chores, preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner and merienda for the kids. She loves to sing especially songs from Regine Velasquez. She has this beautiful garden (soon I'll give more details about this garden and our house).
She takes care of it everyday especially nowadays that there is a contest going around our subdivision for the cleanesst, greenest and best landscaped house.

Aside from taking care of her garden, she offers landscaping other house's backyard and gardens. As I have mentioned before, she is good at this craft without any formal education about it. Maybe it is just a natural talent, she's been an artist since a child, likes drawing stuffs, maybe that's where she gets it. She likes thing to be organize and she usually get mad at me everytime I forgot to move back the stuffs back from where they are placed, even the position matters to her, hehehe. I wonder why Wacky did not inherit this trait from his mom. Wacky is the messy one in the house, he always leaves his toys messed up in the floor after playing and sometimes not even playing them at all but just want them to be scattered around the house.

Anyways, that's her. There's our "Mommy".


  1. you are one lucky guy;) anyway, kids could be messy all the time we just need PATIENCE. I am a stay-at-home Nanay and whew!! days with my gals are really challenging but they are my treasure.

    have a great wkend!

  2. "I wonder why Wacky did not inherit this trait from her mom"-----her mom or his mom? :-)

    anyway, kids can always be kids... they bring joy to the house so be patient with the mess. lol..