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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Medley

December 23, Evening
As of my previous post, I need to buy a new mobile phone for the Mommy and yes, it's a success. I managed to buy a mobile phone for her, the brand is "I-mobile 222". A cheap dual sim with music player and VGA camera somewhat alike with MyPhone brand. Anyways, she thank me for the gift though I was questioned why I came home late.

December 24, Wacky's bike

My mission, to buy Wacky's gift...the bike. Plan A, it's afternoon, Me and Wacky went to a nearby bike store, found a cheap and decent bike worth Php2,000.00 (out of budget) though a bit rusty so I decided for Plan B. We then went to SM Sta. Rosa, there's a bike store in the ground floor so we went there straight ahead and he immediately found what he likes to ride. It's not the costly "Thomas & Friends" or the "Lightning McQueen" design, it's the "Spiderman" designed bike we took home. Well, there's not much of an choices out there and we are running out of time so even though the bike cost Php2,600.00, I decided to buy it. Wacky was just so happy to have it and we even take a test drive it around the mall. Afterward, we ate at McDonald's and buy the remaining Hotwheels Happy Meal that we Wacky still didn't have. We also bought a cake at Goldilocks as requested by her mom.

December 25, (Part 1) Baby-sitting 4 kids

Around 1pm, the Mommy's sister visit the house with her 2 kids, Basti and Surih. While they chatted around downstairs I was left baby-sitting my 2 kids and another 2 kids. Wacky played with Basti with his toy cars, Surih playing on her own in Cheska's crib and I'm watching TV and watching the kids play as well while carrying Cheska who can't sleep because of the noise. I was able to take photos of this kids and after an hour off this kids go and somehow was relieve.
Wacky & Basti playing hotwheels
Surih, Cheska & Wacky

Surih in Cheska's crib
Wacky & Basti playing hotwheels 2

December 25, (Part 2) To the Playground (Wacky's bike test drive)
After the visitors left, we immediately prepare to have Wacky's bike test drive going to the playground. The Mommy stayed to clean the house (it's a bit in a messed when the visitors left while me), Cheska on her stroller and Wacky riding his bike, we went ahead to the playground. From there we took some photos, Wacky got to play around with other kids while me and Cheska stayed in the grass while she sleeps and I took that time to rest from stress of baby-sitting the kids.

Though everything was cut short due to bad weather, it's a good timing that their mom arrived to help us (I asked her to come and bring food but she didn't bring anything) and we took off and went in the house to rest.

December 26, Giggling Cheska

There are leftover food in the ref and we just don't want to ate them all through out the weekend so we've been thought about what to for dinner. There's not much of fast food around our place except for Jolibee but there's lot of canteen around. What makes it difficult to decide is that what will the kids eat (healthy) because for us adult it's easy to decide. We decided to takeout food in the best tapsilogan canteen around, it's one tricycle ride from our place. We ordered 1 order of each: Tocilog, Hot Sisig and Liempo while we ordered a large Lugaw for Wacky from the canteen besides the canteen that we are ordering, hehehe. Wacky ate the lugaw from the other canteen while the Mommy waited for our order from the tapsilogan canteen while carrying sleeping Cheska. From the time she got the order she went to other canteen to fetch us and we takeout the remaining lugaw (the ordered lugaw is in a big bowl, it's called "barkada size" and it's good for 3-4 adults). What's funny about it was that before we asked the waiter to takeout the lugaw, it still have the whole egg in it but when we arrived the house it's not there anymore. Anyways, we ate the food we ordered from the taposilogan that night, it's good, while we ate the takeout lugaw for breakfast the next day.

Enough about the food, that night around 11pm, I have the chance to watched "WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs)", yeah, wrestling! It's the big boys telenovela! I enjoyed watching it from the days of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin's era to the new wrestlers around. I've missed watching ever since 2007, so I'm a bit out of date and I don't know the names of the new wrestlers. This is the good thing about deciding to installed cable for our TV some weeks ago, hehehe. Going back, I was in the middle of watching the fatal four way match between Edge, Kane, Rey Mysterio and a new wrestler (I can't remember his name, hehehe) when Cheska woke up. So I stood up and get her milk and gave it to her. When she was done with her milk, she still not sleeping. The amazing thing happened that night is that I let her sit down on her own, played with her while she slapped my hands with her bottle's cap she held and she just giggled, laugh out load and scream watching me got hurt. Well, that was some slapstick comedy, babies love it! We did that for around 15-20 minutes without me supporting her (we did it while my eye, from time to time, snick out still watching the wrestling match). After that, she was so tired that she fell down from where she sits down and that's a sign that she want to sleep already. I carry her to make her sleep and me still watching wrestling with a Chairs Match between John Cena and Wade Barrett. The match ended with John Cena winning it with a bang. After that I go to sleep.

December 27, (Part 1) The blanket playtime
Monday morning, we all woke up around 6AM or maybe Cheska woke up earlier than that (I don't know because Cheska always wakes up the earliest, she's like our alarm clock and we oftentimes wake up seeing her not in her place), Cheska will always go near her brother and tap him and Wacky doesn't like it, it's the usual scenario in the morning. Wacky go near me and plays around and since it was cold, Wacky grab our blanket, cover up himself and I soon follow him inside the blanket and later on get Cheska to join us inside. Wacky would then tell story about the movie he saw, usually immitating the movie lines he watched the night after. I then saw Cheska just smiling at what her brother is doing while she sit down silently with us. I then get off for a while and took photos of this playtime. It's a good bonding moment and this gave me an idea to do this again, maybe next time when I don't have to go to work.

December 27, (Part 2) The search for the grilled hotdog

Later on the afternoon, the mommy have an appoinment for another landscaping job (she's gaining clients this month), I was left with the kids. Cheska was asleep while Wacky is watching his favorite animated movies in the laptop, I asked him if he wants to go in the playground and he automatically say 'Yes'. So I prepare for their things, waited for Cheska to wake up and Wacky finishes the movie he's watching. Around 3:15PM, we went off to go in the playgound, Cheska in her stroller and Wacky in his bike. Of course, I took some photos of that moment.

Wacky took off to the playground and played with other kids while me and Cheska stayed in the grass. Wacky would sometime paly in the grass if he sees other kids running around, playing with balls and paper planes (which gives me an idea to bring our own ball next time). Cheska was very awake so no rest this time, I gave her some biscuits to eat and finished it all. It's so windy that afternoon so I put on Cheska's jacket and that cut down the time we have in the playground which Wacky won't accept easily. So I offer Wacky to buy grilled hotdog and he agreed to took off the playground, that's around 5PM.

We went to the nearest barbeque stand around the playground but the 1st barbeque stand was not operating yet. So we went to the next stand that I know but it's not available. So I decided to go back to that 1st barbeque stand but before we get there some unnecessary things happen. We went over a road where there are dogs, 2 of them, at first they seem to be silent but when we passed by them, they barked at us and Wacky was scared, I am scared too but not for me but for my kids. Relieved from those dogs, Cheska cried, being in an awkward position from her stroller, we stopped. While Wacky twirls around he fell off from his bike, hurt his hand and cried. Now I have 2 kids crying, thank goodness Cheska stopped crying once I re-positioned her from her stroller and immediately carry Wacky to calm him down. The sun was almost setting and I have to keep my promise to Wacky to buy grilled hotdog so we proceed in going to 1st barbeque stand but before we reached the place Wacky fell off again from his bike but did not cried this time. He's a bit tired and he also just panicked because a tricycle behind us is coming. After that, at last, we reached the 1st barbeque stand and bought 2 grilled hotdogs.

Been thinking that time that if we should have waited for the 1st barbeque stand to open, we should have not experience being barked by dogs, Wacky falling down 2 times from his bike, we could have eaten the grilled hotdog earlier and we could have gone home earlier as well. Anyways, we ate the grilled hotdog while slowly going home and everything was worth it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Emergency Christmas Gift (worried christmas!!!)

2 days ago, the Mommy lost her mobile phone in Complex (it's a place somewhat like Divisoria) while trying to buy some stuffs for the kids. Such bad luck! So she doesn't have any means of communication with me when I'm at work. So I 've been thinking if I will buy her a replacement, a Christmas gift kinda! I have been thinking, as well, if I will still buy Wacky's most awaited gift that I promised him about a month ago, his own bike. He's been playing and riding bike around in Toy Kingdom everytime we visit the mall. He's been asking the bike with such design of either "Thomas & Friends" or "Disney-Pixar's Cars" (I prefer to buy the "Disney-Pixar's Cars" because it's a thousand cheaper than the other one but I've been thinking of buying a bike with no design at all so that it is much cheaper but with same quality or maybe better quality than those with design).

It could have been easier if I received my expected 13th month pay some weeks ago but sadly it's been chopped down because of that d*mn tax. Yes, it was charge with tax. I was thinking that i won't be charge with tax because I know I will be receiving less than Php30,000.00 (I got hired around July, so I get pro-rated amount only). I tried to argue with accounting and just when I thought that I will not get charge with tax,an hour later the Accounting Head talked to me explaining that I already received a pro-rated 13th month pay when I left my previous company and it was defined in the BIR form I gave the new company upon hiring me hence I should really be charge with tax (a huge 32% tax, d*mn!).So by then I stopped arguing, they're the expert, so I got sad and now worrying how will I buy Wacky's bike.

So back to the bike, I was supposed to worry about it only but now I also have to worry about buying a new mobile phone. Plus we have to worry about Cheska's christening, we've planned her christening supposed to be this December but we failed to make reservation for the place to celebrate it. We've been thinking of celebrating it in Max's Restaurant but every date for December was fully booked so we thought of moving it next month. So the money that has been budgeted for the Cheska's christening might have been used. The Mommy keeps pursuing to propose for the menu with Php17,000.00+ with complete ameneties while I keep on proposing the cheapest one which is around Php10,000.00 only. But in the end, of course, I lost the bidding, hehehe, to stopped the arguement I just agreed with her.

Aside from the bike, the mobile phone and the christening, I'm planning to buy an external hard drive that I've been longing for a long time already so that I can store the huge files that I currently have in my laptop, the other files were stored in our company's "On-Call" laptop which was lend to me while no one uses it (for most of them have their own personal laptop). I also want to format my laptop because it has been slowing down already so I really need to back up my files.

My 13th month pay is not yet enough to buy and pay for those stuffs plus the regular bills that we have to pay but I'm still pursuing to buy the bike and the mobile phone, so my external hard drive will just have to wait for some more months or maybe another year :(

So tonight, I will be buying a cheap mobile phone (MyPhone brand would be ok, I guess) and tomorrow, hopefully there's a bike store open near our place to buy Wacky's gift and hopefully my salary for December 30, 2010 and January 15, 2011 can cover up for the money I will be using for those gifts and in line with Cheska's christening scheduled sometime next month (around 2nd or 3rd week).

Good luck to me, hahaha. Advance Merry X'mas reader (if you've been interested enough to reading this stuff, hehehe)

Monday, December 20, 2010


Sleeping kiddies
I know I'm supposed to post something from yesterday, it's our house first year anniversary. It's the day we first moved in our house and I'm supposed to walk Wacky and Cheska around the subdivision or go to playground in the afternoon. Everything did not happened for it's been raining almost the whole day. Cheska is still sufferring from her cough and common colds (poor baby, but even sick she's still energetic, just can't take her out of the house that easy). We just stayed at home, watched cartoons almost the whole day and sometime was able to snick out to other channel (I was somewhat amuse by watching Wipeout from AXN channel, Wacky enjoyed as well so I got the liberty to watched the whole hour of it), play computer games with Wacky and get some sleep.

Anyways, got nothing more to share right now. I'll just share some photos from Wacky and Cheska some weeks ago. Enjoy...

Wacky in Cheska's stroller
Wacky in Cheska's stroller 2


Wacky the "monkey"

Cheska with Wacky's Macy rat doll

Cheska sitting in Wacky's McQueen chair

Friday, December 17, 2010

Company Kiddie Christmas Party

Our company held a Kiddie Christmas Party last Wednesday, December 15. They brought kids from DSWD and also the associate's kids to the office for a shared Christmas Party. But aside from it, we still have to work on that day for the party started 2PM.

 I brought Wacky with me in the morning but we failed to come in early, we made it around 11AM. As we arrived, we just timed in, opened my desktop computer and go to McDonald's to ate lunch and of course we have to buy Happy Meal to get some HotWheels toys they offer. We ordered Burger and Chicken meal ate them there and went back to office, open the laptop and let Wacky play some Gamehouse games while I work. We also took some early photos from the setup booths within the office area because later on there will be lots of kids who will also take photos in those booths.

Here  are some early photos from the event.

 Wacky took this one =)

The actual program starts around 2PM with performance from clowns and magician. Wacky didn't like this part, he never likes clowns, even mascots (he likes to eat in Jolibee but he doesn't like Jolibee as a mascot). So we skipped that part and later on watched the magic show, somehow I manage to calmed him down to watched it. After that it's eating time with food from Jolibee meal (1 pc chicken, a jolly hotdog and spaghetti), some Zesto juice drinks and Nestle ice cream.

After some eating intermission, it's time for the parade where in the kids will line up and go around the office where bosses and people of each company team give away candies, chocolates, toys and gifts to kids in the parade. I guess this is the most exciting part for all the participating kids because they got to overload the bag (provided during registration) with lots of stuffs. And at the end of it all, there was still the exchange gift worth 300 pesos, prior to this day we drew our kids monito-monitas and I picked an 11 month baby girl and gave a brainy baby book while Wacky received a Disney-Pixar's Car character which is Sarge.

After the program, which ended around 6PM, I go back to work to fill up 2 more hours while Wacky watched Backyardigans series I brought from our laptop. Overall things ended up so well and Wacky ended very sleepy (Sleeping from the shuttle van going to Edsa-Ayala, bus going to Pacita, jeepney going to the our subdivision's tricycle terminal, tricycle going to our house.) Whoo! I was so tired as well when we got home.

Looking forward for next year's kiddie Christmas party again and perhaps I can bring Cheska with us next time, that is if I'm still with the company, hahaha.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cable TV

We've been contented watching regular TV channel for almost a year now in our subdivision. We only watch from 2 channels, GMA7 and TV5, which have clearest signal from our house. As for wacky, he only got to watch cartoons through TV5 which offers cartoons from Nick Jr and Cartoon Network.

An authorized cable provider,RoyalCable, has been rounding out the subdivision for 2 weeks. We've been thinking of getting one, especially with their promo of 990 pesos per month for cable and unlimited 384kbps internet. 2 of our neighbors, almost infront of our house, get cable installed so that was the time the we thought of having one, since they are already infront of us and offer to install the cable immediately. We've been wanting to have both the cable and unlimited internet but I'm having doubt on the speed of their internet, so we decided to get the cable only instead.

Wacky enjoyed watching from it, especially having Cartoon Network, but too bad no Nick Jr, but it still a good choice to have cabled TV. Wacky watched all afternoon with his favorite cartoon series "Ben 10". So we don't have to watch "Ben 10" through TV5 with the same episodes played over and over again. I also would want to watch "Batman: The Brave and The Bold" in Cartoon Network. Hehehe, kiddie wanna be. It will be too hard to watch something from cabled TV against kids, so better join them than turned against what they like to watch. We can only got to watch what we want when they're sleeping. Hehe. Hopefully this choice will not make my pocket suffer, hahaha, for it cost 425 pesos a month.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The "Mommy"

Yeah, that's her, Wacky and Cheska's mom.
She takes care of evertyhing while I'm away working in the far city. She manages everything from household chores, preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner and merienda for the kids. She loves to sing especially songs from Regine Velasquez. She has this beautiful garden (soon I'll give more details about this garden and our house).
She takes care of it everyday especially nowadays that there is a contest going around our subdivision for the cleanesst, greenest and best landscaped house.

Aside from taking care of her garden, she offers landscaping other house's backyard and gardens. As I have mentioned before, she is good at this craft without any formal education about it. Maybe it is just a natural talent, she's been an artist since a child, likes drawing stuffs, maybe that's where she gets it. She likes thing to be organize and she usually get mad at me everytime I forgot to move back the stuffs back from where they are placed, even the position matters to her, hehehe. I wonder why Wacky did not inherit this trait from his mom. Wacky is the messy one in the house, he always leaves his toys messed up in the floor after playing and sometimes not even playing them at all but just want them to be scattered around the house.

Anyways, that's her. There's our "Mommy".

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is me and my kids, Wacky & Cheska.

My son Wacky is is 4 1/2 years old, loves watching animated movies in my laptop over and over again, loves to collect toy cars from Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica and even unknown toy car brand. He's also good in taking pictures, may it be in a digital camera or cellphone camera he's holding. I guess it's one of his talents, that perhaps can be developed more if he'll get more interested it now or maybe someday. He also likes to be in a picture, always striking a post every time he sees someone with a camera, even if it is a stranger.

My daughter Cheska is 9 month old, she already have 8 teeth and didn't even get sick while having it, usually babies get sick when their first tooth came out, right? She recently had her ears pierce and now wearing earrings even at sleep. She can already eat adult food, cries so loud when she woke up at 3am and always give me a hard time dressing her up.

Me? I'm Richard, their father. That's all about me, this is not about me anyway.

Another weekends passed by and I finally decided to write something about it. I used to tell a friend of mine (who loves poetry and writing stuffs) that I don't usually write ideas popping in my head but today I'm breaking it and now writing a draft in a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 notebook giveaway I received in a Microsoft seminar I attended I think 2 years ago. I was caught in a heavy traffic in SLEX going to work, can't sleep and decided to make a draft of this idea that I want to put up in a blog later on (which I am currently typing right now).

We don't usually go out of the house on weekends except when we go to the mall. I think it was just 3 weeks ago that I've thought about going out with my kids, walk around the subdivision, get some fresh air in the morning while their mom is cleaning the house and preparing breakfast. I also thought of doing it on afternoon when it is not so hot or raining but it was just yesterday that I thought of bringing them in the playground so Wacky can play around with other kids and Cheska can have some fresh air instead of breathing the air from the electric fan everyday while their mom is off working with her landscaping job from her client's yard. She's good at it so I guess it will be nice to advertise her works here as well.
Just to show you how good she is in this craft, here's one of the works she did for a school project of one of her clients.
So if you are interested, you can call or text her through 09152129644, She'll be happy to accept your call and landscape your yard.

That's it for now, now running out of ideas to write.